Photo Competition Rules

Top Oil Amateur Photo Competition: rules, terms and conditions

Rules, terms & conditions of the Top Oil Amateur Photo Competition 2019 and voting process for the People’s Choice Award.

The Prize

  • The winners shall have their photographs and names published in the 2020 Top Oil Calendar. The overall winner of the competition i.e. the photo used for the cover image of the calendar will receive a cheque for €1,000 , the monthly photo winners will each receive a cheque for €200.

How to enter

  1. You must be over 18 years of age to enter.
  2. You may apply by entering as many photos as you like to the Promoter via the website
  3. In entering the competition you hereby warrant that the photograph does not contravene any act, statutory instrument nor is it in any other way illegal, defamatory, seditious or blasphemous or an infringement of any copyright, trademark or industrial design and is an original photograph of the entrant.
  4. The competition is open to amateur photographers only and entrants must not be professional photographers. For the purposes of this competition, a professional photographer is considered to earn more than half their annual income from the sale or submissions of their photography work.
  5. Entry into the competition implies acceptance of these rules. On selection of winners the Promoter may require proof of identity which may be either a valid current passport or driving license or such other proof of identity as the Promoter may in its absolute discretion accept.
  6. Photographs previously used to enter the competition will not be accepted as a valid entry into the Top Oil Amateur Photo Competition 2019.
  7. You must be a resident of Ireland. Photographs entered must be taken within or around the island of Ireland.
  8. To enter the competition you must submit your entry on or before the close of business on the 20th August 2019. Under no circumstances will photographs entered after this period be considered valid entries into the competition.
  9. Winners will be selected based on the quality of the image, that the image reflects truly and accurately the subject title and also the uniqueness of the photograph. Winners will be notified either by email or phone call.
  10. Winners will be publicly announced in Autumn 2019, once the calendar is printed.
  11. The judge’s decision in choosing winners is final and shall not be subject to review or protracted correspondence on the matter.
  12. The judge(s) of the competition will be chosen by the Promoter.


  • The Promoter may disqualify you at any time if the Promoter is of the view that you have not complied fully with the terms and conditions contained herein or if the Promoter is of the view that you are not physically or mentally suitable to take part or to continue to take part in the competition.


  1. Neither the Promoter nor any of its servants or agents shall have any liability whatsoever or howsoever arising directly or indirectly from your participation in the competition or the termination thereof whether by disqualification or otherwise and whether such termination or disqualification was lawful or not.
  2. The Promoter makes no representation, assurance or warranty (and as such is expressly denied and may not be implied) as to the condition or fitness for purpose of the prize.
  3. The Promoter accepts no responsibility for any errors or omissions for any printed documentation relating to the competition and calendar in connection with advertising or promoting the competition or the business of the Promoter.


  • You hereby expressly warrant without any qualification whatsoever that you are physically and mentally capable of partaking in the competition and you hereby covenant and agree that you shall not endanger yourself or others by your participation in the competition and shall in any event fully indemnify hold harms make good any and all losses, damages, claims and expenses (including legal expenses) incurred suffered and sustained by the Promoter or any third party resulting directly or indirectly from your participation in the competition.

Right of Record

  1. Give interviews to the Promoter, its servants or agents.
  2. Take part in publicity events and broadcasts relating to the Promoter and the competition including any recorded sound or televised recording as the Promoter shall request.
  3. Ownership in such interviews, events and recordings and the copyright and all moral and intellectual property rights in them shall vest absolutely in the Promoter who may exploit them entirely as the Promoter sees fit.
  4. It is the responsibility of the entrants and winners to ensure that any necessary permission required to enter a photograph into the competition is obtained.
  5. Entrants must ensure that any photographs containing people faces, have been taken with the permission of the person(s) in the photograph.
  6. It is the responsibility of the entrants and winners to ensure that the photography supplied is original and their own work.
  7. The Promoter reserves the right to publish any photos entered into the competition and the names of any entrants/winners in connection with advertising or promoting the competition or the business of the promoter without prior permission from the entrants.

Promoter’s decision is final

  1. By entering into the competition you accept absolutely irrevocably and without qualification that the decision of the Promoter and all things relating to this competition and file and as participants shall be final, binding and conclusive. There shall be no appeal.
  2. The Promoter may, if it chooses, execute its discretion or make any decision in response to an invitation to broadcast to any party any particular matter, including the disqualification of any entrant.


  1. This document contains the entire of the terms, conditions and rules of the competition, save where otherwise expressly stated herein, and you agree to be bound by them and them alone. You acknowledge, confirm and agree that the terms conditions and rules shall prevail over any terms, conditions, representations or statements inconsistent herewith and appearing in any advertisement, sticker, letter, flyer or any other document. Any terms, conditions, representations, statements, warranties or advertisements inconsistent with the terms, conditions and rules set out in this document are expressly excluded and the Promoter is not bound by them.
  2. No waiver by the Promoter of any breach of the terms, conditions and rules shall be considered a waiver of any other breach of such or another term, condition or rule.
  3. If any provision of the rules is held by a competent authority, court or tribunal to be invalid or unenforceable in whole or in part, then the validity of the other provisions of the terms, conditions and rules and the remainder of that provision shall not be affected thereby.
  4. The Promoter hereby reserves the right to amend any of the terms, conditions or rules contained herein at any time without advance or another form of communication to the entrant.

People’s Choice Awards Voting

  1. The People’s Choice Award is a Facebook Competition. Voting for your favourite photo can only be through the application on our Facebook page
  2. No purchase or payment of any kind is necessary to vote.
  3. To vote in the People’s Choice Award, select your favourite photo and follow the instructions to register your vote.
  4. You can only vote once, however you can invite your friends and family to vote too.
  5. Everyone who votes will be entered into a free draw to win a €50 One4All gift voucher.
  6. The winner of the ‘People’s Choice Award’ is the photo that receives the most public votes.
  7. The closing date for voting is 20th August 2019. The winner will be announced on the promoters Facebook Page on 8th September. The winner of the ‘People’s Choice Award’ will feature in the 2020 Top Oil Calendar, in addition to 11 photographs chosen by the Judge(s).